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LAND Sundanese (authority), Gemah Ripah (Tur Endah), Nu Ngumbara Like home .... At the other children come to sing songs of love Peterpan, Dawn Imani (5) actually likes singing Ki Sunda Mang Koko work which contains advice for people to preserve Sundanese culture and beauty of the land of their ancestors. He also had another favorite song, Turbans Palid.

Students in kindergarten are watching television, still wearing a shirt with a typical Sundanese collarless shirt, pants and three-quarters, and batik headbands. He had just returned Sundanese performing arts at Saung Angklung Udjo in one afternoon.

Dawn who appear confident looked embarrassed when at home. "If the house like kids. Often shy," said Rukmini Iim (37). Iim and Maman Suherman (35), Dawn's parents, very proud of him. "What are quickly taught him to catch. His talent in the arts of Sunda, too. Still, he had nursed can follow Sundanese dance movement," said Iim.

Dawn joined the activities Udjo Saung Angklung art from the age of 2.5 years. Make the children in the surrounding streets Padasuka, Pasirlayu Sub-District, District of South Cibeunying, Saung Angklung Udjo is the most widely played. "Dawn had chimed in her friend just to play there. Er ... long dance bandwagon, too," said Iim.

Had admired his ability to dance teachers of art at Saung Angklung Udjo. During the 2.5 years of galvanized Sundanese art, now Dawn was able to sing some kawih or songs, dancing and playing musical instruments Sundanese.
Instrument is already mastered and arumba angklung.

Because of artistic ability in the Sunda an early age, he was also often invited to perform to some cities, even to appear before the figures of the number one in Indonesia and the world. Not infrequently, he stage with famous artists he admired usually on the screen, one of which is Joshua. "My house never tired of playing enggak angklung. Kan, seneng," she said innocently, when found at Gedung Sate, Bandung, before appearing before the Governor of Jakarta, West Java, Tokyo, and the delegation from Manila and Taipei.

While waiting their turn to perform a dance while playing angklung Sundanese, Dawn and the other kids jokes to each other and running. Aditya Degree Ramadhan (8), who familiarly called Rama, was also in love with the art of Sundanese. If the roads to the record store, he would choose the tapes containing songs or instrumental typical Sundanese first before taking a tape of pop music or other types. Has dozens of cassette and compact disc collection Rama Sundanese music. He is also a fan of puppet show.

Not only the tapes puppet show, Rama is also willing to stay up until the early hours to watch a show on television puppet show that is usually aired at midnight until the early hours. Wayang puppet show is a typical Sundanese. The character is shaped sculpture made of wood. His characters include Cepot and Semar.

When her father is free on Sunday, Rama is almost always invite his father, Eddy Juhana (40), to accompany him to watch play Gogonjakan Sundanese. Gogonjakan is Sundanese language play that tells an event filled with live advice and inserted a joke. Ketoprak art similar to the Javanese culture. People like the Gogonjakan Ohan Jenong and became his favorite. "I want to be an artist Sunda," said Rama about his ideals.

Rama admitted loved the arts area. Rama pride of Sundanese arts grew along with her active in the arts activities are held Saung Angklung Udjo. He saw many of the guests smiling, clapping hands, and come enjoy the art presented Sundanese.

Delight of the audience, whether originating from the same culture or different or foreign audiences, have developed a deep love in him.

Beyond that, the Sundanese arts activities undertaken Rama has made him smart socializing. "I myself was surprised, at home he liked bermanja-spoiled, uh ... turn was asked to play with the senior artist, he can discuss fun," said Widayanti (38), his mother.

Rama also be confident in public. Which occurred to him when viewed by others is to show the best ability. "I do not know why. Just wanted to look good aja," she spoiled her body leaned on her father who was sitting on the side.

Rama joined in Sundanese arts activities Saung Angklung Udjo since I was four years old. Initially, since there was no clearing, Rama followed his friends who often play football or do other children play in the yard Udjo Saung Angklung.

Saung Angklung art complex Udjo has extensive land and trees, where children can play ball or to play cat and mouse. Cat and mouse game requires the children to hide.

If the enemy found him, he had to run and only lost if the enemy can catch it. At the same time, most of the children who play at Saung Angklung Udjo also fill Sundanese art events there.

They perform in front of guests who mostly come from abroad. Than just playing cat and mouse, Rama joined together to perform at art events in Saung Angklung Udjo.

He now has a good play musical instruments such as the Sundanese angklung, saron, drums, drums, arumba, and bonang. He is also good at singing songs Sundanese.

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